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Our Current Promotions

Microneeding With PRP and IV Infusion Package

Includes 1 facial microneedling with PRP treatment with your choice of IV infusion or vitamin injection.

Microneeding With PRP Package of 3 Treatments

Includes 3 microneedling with PRP treatments, you choose facial or hair.

Microneeding With PRP Package of 6 Treatments

Includes 6 microneedling with PRP treatments, you choose facial or hair.

IV Packages

You choose the infusion

  • Set of 4 – $400
  • Set of 8 – $800
  • IV Membership 2 IV Infusions Monthly $149/mo; 4 IV monthly $299/mo

Vitamin Injection Packages

You choose your vitamin injection-B12, MIC-lipotropin shot, D3, or other vitamin blends

  • Set of 4- $80
  • Set of 8-$160

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Semaglutide Weight Loss Membership


IV Membership

$149/mo for 2 months
$299/mo for 4 months

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