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Sharlotte Manley

Meet Sharlotte Manley, FNP-C Founder/Nurse Injector

Our founder, Sharlotte Manley, is a passionate nurse practitioner who aims to help clients age gracefully. She is committed to staying current with the newest, safest injection techniques and treatments, constantly learning to help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin inside and out. Sharlotte earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mississippi University for Women and then her Master in Science of Nursing from Southern Adventist University. She works as a Gastroenterology/Hepatology NP with experience in emergency medicine, intensive care, medical/surgical, cardiology, and orthopedics.

Alexandra Cheek

Meet Alexandra Cheek, Esthetician

Meet Alexandrea Cheek, your skincare guru with a passion for pampering and a heart rooted in the countryside. Growing up on a farm instilled in her a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty and a commitment to holistic wellness. After honing her craft at the prestigious Aveda Institute in Nashville, Alexandrea embarked on a journey to elevate skincare to an art form. With her delicate touch and keen eye for detail, she crafts customized treatments tailored to each client’s unique needs, leaving them glowing from within. Beyond her esthetician chair, Alexandrea is a Renaissance soul with a zest for life. She’s an aspiring seamstress, loves reading books, exploring the great outdoors, loves to travel and all things culinary delights.

Ana Shelton

Ana Shelton, Esthetician

Introducing Ana Shelton, your skincare confidante with a heart as warm as her small-town roots. Hailing from the charming Parsons, TN, Ana’s journey into the world of esthetics was guided by her deep-seated passion for skincare and beauty. Graduate of Chattanooga State College, Ana brings a blend of academic knowledge and hands-on expertise to her practice. Her dedication to mastering the art of skincare shines through in every treatment she delivers, ensuring that each client walks away feeling rejuvenated and radiant. In her free time, Ana finds solace in the simple joys of life, whether it’s strolling through nature trails, savoring homemade meals with loved ones, or immersing herself in all things beauty.

Keisha West

Keisha West, RN

Meet Keisha West, a compassionate soul with a heart for healing and a passion for beauty. Born and raised in the heart of Cleveland, TN, Keisha’s journey into nursing began with a calling to serve others during their most vulnerable moments. As an experienced ICU and Emergency Room nurse, Keisha has dedicated her career to providing expert care and support to those in need. Her unwavering commitment to her patients is matched only by her deep love for all things beauty and aesthetics. Beyond the hospital walls, Keisha is a devoted mother to her eight-year-old son. Balancing the demands of motherhood with her career, Keisha finds joy and fulfillment in every moment spent with her precious son. When she’s not tending to patients or playing mom, Keisha can be found embracing the beauty of the great outdoors or enjoying quality time with her cherished family. Whether it’s hiking through scenic trails or sharing laughter around the dinner table, Keisha treasures every opportunity to create lasting memories with her loved ones. With her nurturing spirit, boundless energy, and passion for both healthcare and beauty, Keisha West is a shining example of strength, compassion, and grace.